Alucha Resources through innovation
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Alucha, a company that develops innovative recycling solutions. We turn your waste into a natural resource.

We believe in a future where energy is abundant and clean.

We believe in a future where the planet’s resources are managed locally and efficiently.

We believe in a future where waste does not exist.

While we work towards that future, we believe we must improve today’s management of the planet’s resources. Instead of discarding used resources and mining the planet for new ones, let’s re-use them! We only have this one planet! Let’s advance it towards the future!

Who we are

We are a team of technical and environmentally aware entrepreneurs. With backgrounds in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering. physics as well as business, we combine a broad range of knowledge. More than 10 years ago, we started Alucha. Our mission: to use all our joint expertise to develop advanced recycling solutions. Solutions that contribute to an economically and ecologically sustainable development of our planet.
a. Complementing the Alucha core team below, we have a wealth of people that we cooperate with on our projects. They include teams of experts at ECN, Twente University and Essity, as well as several senior executives and industry advisor. Since 2015, Alucha also has a Supervisory Board, consisting of Mr. Roelof Prins (Chairman) and Mr. Aart Jan Vos.

Alucha’s achievements over the years have made us appear in various media and we have also won several awards. We are especially proud to have won the highly prestigious European Commission’s “Best of the Best” Award for environmental projects, and the special certificate of recognition that we received with SCA at the 2015 European Paper Recycling Awards, for our ongoing development of a paper sludge recycling solution.

Gijs Jansen

An experienced engineer and project manager, Gijs Jansen is Alucha's Managing Director. Gijs has been involved in practically all aspects of the business: from R&D and engineering to operations, new business development and strategy. Prior to founding Alucha, Gijs worked for several years as a project engineer for US engineering firm Fluor Daniel. He also worked for Ford motor company and Renault. Gijs holds an M.Sc degree in mechanical engineering from Delft University, an MBA from IESE Business School, and is an alumnus of both Harvard and Lausanne University.

Hans Cool

A former management consultant with a degree in experimental physics, Hans Cool runs Alucha's finance department. As Financial Director, Hans has taken the company from a small start-up funded by entrepreneurs' money to a well-established SME. Hans has been instrumental in securing both private and public financing not only for Alucha itself but also for the 1st pyrolysis plant (a €8M investment), serving as a dual CFO for that project. He is also responsible for Alucha's HR and IT needs. Before obtaining his MBA degree from IESE Business School, Hans worked for the Rotterdam office of OC&C Strategy Consultants. He holds an M.Sc in physics from Delft University as well as a B.Sc. in Economics from Erasmus University.

Anton Bijl

After successfully helping Alucha with paper sludge experiments at Twente University lab, in 2015 Anton Bijl left his researcher position at the University to join Alucha. Anton has a wealth of experience in designing and testing pyrolysis pilot setups. c. As Project Engineer, Anton is fully dedicated to Alucha's development of a recycling solution for paper sludge. He has been instrumental in designing, building and testing the paper sludge pilot facility. And currently he is working on scaling up the technology to industrial size. Anton Bijl holds an M.Sc in Thermal Engineering from Twente University, with specialisation in environmental technology.

Eyerusalem Gucho

Eyerusalem joined Alucha in 2017, providing support for the tests with the 100kg/h paper sludge pilot installation, focusing on quality of the process’ products (oil and minerals). As process engineer, she is responsible for process engineering, lab testing and product quality. Eyerusalem holds an M. Sc. In Sustainable Energy Technology from the University of Twente, with specialization in biomass energy conversion technologies, where she also worked as Ph.D researcher.

Carlos Ludlow Palafox

Carlos Ludlow Palafox is Alucha's Technology Director. Having spent his entire career in chemical engineering, focusing on pyrolysis, Carlos is one of the world's leading experts in this field. He has been instrumental in the successful development of the drink carton laminates solution. Dividing his time between Alucha and UK’s EnVal, Carlos is working more as a technological consultant, supervising R&D. Carlos holds a Chemical Engineering Degree from IberoAmericana University in Mexico, a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University. He is also the author of an array of scientific articles on pyrolysis of wastes, has worked as Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, and has received several awards for his ground-breaking research.

What we do

We develop technological solutions that turn waste into a natural resource. A focus is on wastes that are currently being landfilled or incinerated. Over these years, we have been zooming in on streams that contain both organic and non-organic matter. Examples are laminate materials (drink cartons, tooth paste tubes, pouches etc.) and mixed plastics, but also biomass streams such as sludges, rice husk and other similar streams. With our technology we are able to separate the organic from the inorganic matter, so recovering useable resources, typically oil and metals or minerals.

After our successful implementation of the world’s first installation for the recycling of drink carton laminates, Alucha is now fully focused on developing a solution for paper sludge. For client Essity we are leveraging our extensive experience with pyrolysis to develop a solution that turns paper sludge into re-usable oils and minerals. No more waste, but re-use of these precious resources. The solution will be implemented in compact, small footprint, modules that enable local conversion of the paper sludge, so also avoiding substantial truck movements, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Using our extensive knowledge of pyrolysis processes, we can offer complete projects for our clients, typically involving a leading Dutch engineering firm we work with, in order to offer our clients a reassured and speedy delivery of the project. We are also developing a more standardized solution for paper sludge, which we will be offering as a turnkey solution. Benefits of our solutions are multiple: we provide local solutions that turn your waste into a natural resource, so saving precious resources, logistic costs CO2 emissions. Payback times for our clients are typically 2-4 years.

Prior to the start of any project, we typically like to make a concise business case for our clients. Our lab facilities allow us to do this. We can make small-scale pyrolysis tests on materials sent by our clients. The lab allows us to do a quick scan to see if a material is technically recyclable. Analysis of recovered resources allows us to make a mass and energy balance, which shows the economical and ecological viability. Testing normally requires no more than 2 kg of material.

In the lab we also experiment with other notoriously difficult materials. Tests have been done and experience obtained with materials so diverse as rice husk, digestate, pill strips, sludges, toothpaste tubes, olive stones, artificial grasses and composite materials.

Prior to our current focusing on the development of a solution for paper sludge, for paper multinational Stora Enso we built an installation that allows the full recycling of drink carton laminates. With our solution these materials can be re-used: plastics are separated from the aluminum layers and recycled back into oil and aluminum! As the world’s first installation of its kind, it has made Alucha the reference company in pyrolysis systems, with over 15,000 hours of operational experience. And while our focus has currently shifted, we still offer this industrially proven solution to interested clients.

e. With its broad knowledge of industrial pyrolysis, Alucha is frequently involved in recycling and efficiency projects. As such, we have been the pyrolysis partner in the EU FP7 “REFFIBRE” project, which developed tools to improve efficiency in the European Paper Industry. In this project we worked with VTT of Finland, PTS and Darmstadt University of Germany. Currently we work in another European innovation project, focused on production of high quality biofuels, with KTH and Sverea of Sweden, BIOS (Austria), and Twente University & OPRA (Netherlands).

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Looking for a career at Alucha?

We are always interested in highly motivated and skilled engineering professionals and project managers. Especially those who have experience in pyrolysis and/or gasification processes, and who are willing to work internationally.

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